Bicycle Around Lake Superior!

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Day 7 

Day 7: Ontario Canada; Montreal River to Wawa Sept 2;  67 miles

Leaving the Montreal River area the next morning took us up some very long hills to the Lake Superior Provincial Park which had signs everywhere to watch out for moose. Highway 17 hugged the rugged coast line with some awesome views along the Lake for over 20 miles in this area then went inland for about 20 miles in some beautiful country. We kept a keen look out for a moose in this area but none of us spotted one.  We arrived in Wawa, which means "wild goose" in the Native tongue, and is the home of the famous Wawa goose, a big goose statue in town.  Much to our surprise, the streets of Wawa were lined with Grandma Doors, just like the ones Mary Wright had coordinated back home in Hancock last summer! There were hundreds of the the Grandma Doors! [after we got home, I was so excited to tell Mary about the doors; she explained to me that they had commissioned her to coordinate making those doors; no wonder they reminded us of her door project at home in Hancock!] A Grandma door is any old door painted then a picture of your grandma or mother is painted on it or in many cases glued onto the door from a photo of your ancestor that has been enlarged to life size. Or the door can simply be painted with anything you want on it then displayed on the streets of town along with doors thus painted by others in your community; a fun artsy community project.

We also had fun looking around the "General Store" in Wawa and took pictures of us next to the famous stuffed moose on it's porch.

We stayed at the best little motel our seventh night called the Wawa Northern Lights Motel and Restaurant on the North side of town; they even brought us frosted mugs to our room for a cool drink after our long ride that day! They informed us we had just biked on the two most hottest days they had this summer (remember all those hills?!!!) We cleaned our bikes and oiled our chains here.




MK riding across the [white] Sand River Bridge

Katherine Cove in the shelter of the Lizard Islands

was this a moose swimming?

MK & CJ on a long hill




our sag vehicle with fancy 3 bike rack
called the draftmaster hitch rack

CJ's compass-bell pointed South the entire trip!


Door Art in Wawa

Young's General Store
with the stuffed moose


at this point in the trip, these fellows
outside the Gen Store looked pretty cute!

bike cleaning and chain oiling

frosted mugs from the motel sure hit the spot!


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