Bicycle Around Lake Superior!

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Day 2

Day 2: Michigan; Ishpeming to Munising Aug 28  62 miles

It was drizzling rain the next morning so we ate a leisurely breakfast and drove into Marquette to look for a safety vest and rear view mirror for Connie. Connie wanted to get some sort of highly colored, reflective shirt or vest to wear so maybe the trucks would see her; so she got a bright yellow t-shirt with reflective tape all around it from the Safety Shop in Marquette. Connie wore this shirt every day while riding for the rest of the trip (with hand washings each evening.)

By the time we were finished shopping at Downwind Sports and the Safety Shop, the drizzle had let up some so we put on our rain gear and road our bikes from Ishpeming into nearby Marquette, the largest city in the Upper Peninsula and home of Northern Michigan University. From Marquette, we were able to follow a nice paved bike path along the North Country Trail for about 10 miles along the Lake from Presque Isle, past the Dome, past the Maritime Museum, to Harvey.  With a University in town, there are many bike and hiking trails in and around Marquette!

Just past Harvey about 10 miles, there was a free roadside private park called Lakenenland Junkyard Art made by Tom Lakenen. It was wonderful! An awesome jungle of life size and larger iron statue artwork. Don't miss it with the kids! The next place we passed was another kid friendly place on Lake Superior called Christmas, Michigan!

We spent our second night in Munising. Note, there is a very large hill both going into and out of Munising!! We looked into taking a boat ride out to see Pictured Rocks and Grand Island from there, but the last boat was just leaving as we arrived and it was a 3 hour tour. We were also hungry after riding all day, and concerned that we may tend to fall asleep on a rolling boat trip! We had a great meal at the Dog Patch and stayed at the Days Inn. We found out there is a 20 mile mountain bike trail around Grand Island; so that, along with the boat tour, would be a fun trip... next summer maybe. We spent the night at the Days Inn.


Marquette Bike Path

Connie & Julie on Marquette Bike path

 Lakenenland Junkyard Art

Christmas, Michigan



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