Bicycle Around Lake Superior!

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Day 9 

Day 9: Ontario Canada; Terrace Bay to Red Rock (South of Nipigon) Sept 4;  71 miles +8 miles into Red Rock

It was 45 degrees out when we stared this morning. This was another hilly region on Highway 17 along the North Shore of Lake Superior.  We kept seeing the CPR, Canadian Pacific Railway, going straight along this route, wishing there was a bike path next to the railway!  Our bike path along side the auto road has gotten less than 2 foot wide in many places and people have told us in restaurants that "the road is not made for biking". Indicating to us there has been some problems in Ontario with vehicles not driving safely around bicycles. This Highway was made to accommodate vehicle transport with many trucks from the mines and paper mills here. It was not made to accommodate bicycles.

It seemed like we were on top of the world when we biked to the peak over looking Kama Bay. Kama Bay is the Northern most point on Lake Superior. Looking at a map, it also appears that Kama Bay is directly North of our home on the Keweenaw! Not only that, and most important for this trip, this is our half way point in distance bicycled around the Lake! Wow! now that is so cool!

It was interesting that the we did not see a sign that indicated this significant geological "Northern most point on Lake Superior". There was merely a sign with a picnic table pictured on it at the entrance of a wayside rest-stop for picnicking at this point. At least we did not see any other signs for this absolutely breath taking viewpoint. (We found it curious that there were picnic areas and rest stops across Ontario with bear-proof waste cans but none had toilet facilities, just little paths into the surrounding area with little piles of white tissue all along the paths.)

We had planned to bike to Nipigon and spend the night, but our Lake Superior guide book did not list any motels in Nipigon so we assumed there were none and called and made a reservation to stay at the historic Red Rock Inn and Restaurant, South of Nipigon. (Since we only had a tentative plan on how far we could bicycle each day of the trip depending on weather, repairs etc, before we left, we took along the Lake Superior guide book and looked at at each night to find motels for the next night then call ahead to our next intended stop to make a motel reservation.) Turns out there were lots of motels in Nipigon but we pushed on to Red Rock where we had made our reservation. Red Rock was about 8 miles off Highway 17 on 628, but worth the extra ride for their wonderful food!! We dined on PEI mussels by the plateful! There was also a cafe, the Mountain Breeze, with great food on the road coming into Red Rock, at the edge of town.

**We found the road going South from Nipigon for at least 10 miles to be some of the most dangerous biking we encountered on the trip! The 2 way road was very broken up and had a great deal of traffic with no room for a bike on the side. They are working on improving the road from Nipigon to Thunder Bay so hopefully they will be adding a bike path!

Julie's parents joined us at the Red Rock Inn motel on Nipigon Bay where we had an absolutely delicious meal as we celebrated their arrival for Joan's Birthday!

CPR Railway all along our route;
it would be so cool to have a bike/hike trail along side this
RR line that hugs the shoreline!

CJ's bike




setting up the tripod to take our own picture
Northern most point of Lake Superior!
This was also our halfway point; directly North of our homes in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Kama Bay: MK, JH, CJ
Kama Bay
  CPR Railway along coastline


Red Rock Inn

JH car with 3 bike rack

Each nite we rented a room with 2 beds and a rollaway;
mother Joan got her own room each night.


Red Rock Inn dining

MK, JH, & her parents, John & Joan


John & Joan at Red Rock Inn

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