Bicycle Around Lake Superior!

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Day 11

Day 11: Ontario Canada to Minnesota; Thunder Bay to Grand Marais, MN  Sept 6;  85 miles

It was 48 degrees when we started out from Thunder Bay by 8am and it got up to 61 degrees during the day.

Our favorite noon meal on these cooler days in Canada was wild rice chicken soup which seemed to be as popular there as a pasty (meat, potatoes, vegies in a pie like wrap) are here in the Copper Country!

We had a wonderful clear view of Isle Royale from the shoreline along here.

Just South of Thunder Bay on Hwy 61, we passed a Norwegian Monument of Larvikite Stone "to commemorate Norwegian Canadians who pioneered ski joring? in Canada" and then the Founders Museum & Pioneer Village.

A little further South on Hwy 61, Connie noticed a dead critter when two ravens rose up from the ditch; it looked like a big black wolf. So she stopped and got off the bike, crawling over the wire railing and was taking a picture of what she assumed was a dead wolf to email to Rolf Pederson, (Isle Royale wolf expert in Houghton) when she realized what had looked like a tail in the back was actually a paw... this was a small bear!! It was very recently dead as there were no flies around but where was the mother??!!! Connie quickly finished taking the picture and jumped back on her bike in case the mother bear was nearby looking for her young! Just down the road, there was a sign for a taxidermist and Connie road in and told them of the animal not a mile back. He said it was bear hunting season; since it didn't appear that this was a road kill. Hope he went and found the bear, as it was too beautiful not to be preserved. 

Along this same stretch of road today, we saw dead skunks, a fox and dragonflies that seemed to be glued to the black top. We had not seen very many dead critters before this.

We had no problems riding our bicycles thru the border gates; showing our passports coming back into the U.S.   Welcome to Minnesota!  What awesome views of the Lake from here!

We biked into Grand Marais, Mn and spent the night there at the Harbor Inn. We had fun shopping in the Lake Superior Trading Post and a number of other really fun shops and eating a delicious meal at the Angry Trout Organic Cafe on the Lake.

Norwegian Monument on Hwy 61
Pioneer Village on Hwy 61

Julie & Joan


Julie, Mary, Connie
John & Joan

on bicycle in line to cross the border

Welcome to Minnesota sign!!



stone house on river

Lake Superior Trading Post


Julie, Mary, Joan, John


Angry Trout Cafe

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